Nuuanu Pali cliffs, Oahu, Hawaii 1980

Childs, Iraphne R. (1980) Nuuanu Pali cliffs, Oahu, Hawaii 1980. [Image]

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Nuuanu Pali cliffs are the 1200 ft. high ramparts of the Koolau volcano, which rose from the sea approx. 2.7 million years ago, and formed the eastern side of the island of Oahu. Parts of the Koolau range are 2000ft in elevation. It was on the Nuuanu Pali in 1795 that King Kamehameha I defeated the Oahu armies sending them hurtling over the cliffs, thus enabling him to claim victory and unite the Hawaiian Islands under his control. The Pali highway traverses the ancient pass connecting the leeward (Honolulu) with the windward (Kailua/Kaneohe) sides of Oahu, and runs through the Nuuanu Pali tunnel beneath the cliffs. The trade winds which bring a constant supply of moisture to the windward side of Oahu are usually so strong at the Nuuanu Pali lookout above the tunnel that visitors can lean against the wind. This image taken from the Pali highway, just begfore entering the tunnel, shows the well-vegetated cliff-tops shrouded in mist.

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