Review of strengthening techniques using externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer composites

Anon. (2002) Review of strengthening techniques using externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer composites. [Report]


This report reviews the selection, design, and installation of fiber reinforced polymer systems for strengthening of reinforced concrete or pre-stressed concrete bridges and other structures. The report is prepared based on the knowledge gained from worldwide experimental research, analytical work, and field applications of FRP systems used to strengthen concrete structures. Information on material properties, design and installation methods of FRP systems used as external reinforcement are presented. This information can be used to select an FRP system for increasing the strength and stiffness of reinforced concrete beams or the ductility of columns, and other applications. Based on the available research, the design considerations and concepts are covered in this report. In the next stage of the project, these will be further developed as design tools. It is important to note, however, that the design concepts proposed in literature have not in many cases been thoroughly developed and proven. Therefore, a considerable amount of research work will be required prior to development of the design concepts into practical design tools, which is a major goal of the current research project. The durability and long-term performance of FRP materials has been the subject of much research, which still are on going. Long-term field data are not currently available, and it is still difficult to accurately predict the life of FRP strengthening systems. The report briefly addresses environmental degradation and long-term durability issues as well. A general overview of using FRP bars as primary reinforcement of concrete structures is presented in Chapter 8. In Chapter 9, a summary of strengthening techniques identified as part of this initial stage of the research project and the issues which require careful consideration prior to practical implementation of these identified techniques are presented.

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