Sugar Industry Collection

Sugar Industry Collection

The Sugar Industry Collection is a digitised collection of books, journals and conference proceedings held in the QUT Library. It is a subset of the Sugar Research Institute Library collection previously located in Mackay, Queensland. The Institute and its Library joined QUT in 2007.

The digitised collection focuses on works dealing with sugar production and processing. It forms a valuable specialist resource freely available to researchers both in Australia and other countries with sugar industries, many of whom may not have access to research library collections.

The collection forms part of the Universal Digital Library Million Book Collection sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University Library and partner universities and organisations in India, China, Egypt and Australia.

QUT Library is the only Australian member of the Universal Digital Library. The collection provided here is mirrored in the Universal Digital Library collection.


  • All Items: broken down by type
  • Issues: grouped by periodical (excludes monographs)

Copyright Information

The copyright holders of these works have kindly provided QUT Library with a non-exclusive right to reproduce the content provided in this collection. This does not permit reuse or republishing of these works. View the template of the agreement (DOC, 41KB).

How the collection was prepared

The collection has been digitised with support from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Commercialisation), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Technology, Information and Learning Support) and the Director, Library Services.

QUT Library staff members undertook the various tasks involved in preparing this collection:

  • Gardens Point Lending Services: Scanning and OCR work
  • Library Resource Services: Metadata and file uploads
  • Library Systems: Repository software customisation and interface

The following technology was utilised to prepare the scanned versions of the texts:

  • IrfanView: Document processing
  • ABBYY FineReader: OCR Software
  • Zeutschel 5000 Scanner
  • Scanfix: Image enhancement