Digital Yarning: 2016

Digital Yarning: 2016

Digital Yarning is a digital collection and program co-created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous students at Brisbane Youth Education and Training Centre (BYETC), Brisbane Youth Detention Centre (BYDC).

Students share identity through digital vision, sound, and creative genres, collaborating with Dr Bridgette McKelvey, BYETC teachers, Indigenous elders, artists and guest faciltators.

Their collective narrative was published at BYETC, BYDC, QUT and the Indigenous Knowledge Centre, kuril dhagun, State Library of Queensland.

Digital Yarning was funded by BYETC and a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Engagement and Innovation Grant, coordinated by Prof Kerry Mallan. The program provided placement opportunities for QUT students as part of the Vacation Research Experience Scheme (VRES). Aims included capacity-building, improving aspiration, understanding, access and partnership in education within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Co-created by BYETC students.

Project co-design, facilitation, film and editing by Dr Bridgette McKelvey.

BYETC teachers and staff: Stephanie, Neil, Andrea, Barry, Jasmine, John, Graham, Brett, Ken, Uma, Theresa, Bek, Adela, Robert, Tamara, Corinna and Sumit, Jyi and BYDC staff.

Guest facilitators and artists: Danny Doyle, Tjupurru, Linsey Pollack, Joram Villanueva and Luke Hunter.

Engagement and Innovation Grant team: Coordinator Prof Kerry Mallan, Assoc Prof Michael Dezuanni, Prof Grace Sarra, Marnee Shay, Martin Borchert, Jill Rogers, Assoc Prof Jo Lampert, Assoc Prof Bruce Burnett, Dr Karleen Gwinner, Jill Nalder and the Children and Youth Research Centre, QUT.