A critical review of the organisational structure, culture and commitment in the Australian construction industry

Cheung, Yan Ki Fiona and Rowlinson, Steve and Jefferies, Marcus (2005) A critical review of the organisational structure, culture and commitment in the Australian construction industry. [Conference Paper]

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This paper reports the findings of a survey undertaken with a government department in Queensland, Australia and it focuses on the perceptions of professional personnel. A mismatch is found in both the organisational structure and organisational culture developed in the department. The level of commitment was also found to be low in three dimensions – normative, continuous and affective. The findings of the survey are discussed and explored with reference to Hofstede’s culture concepts. Emerging lessons which result from the findings of the survey and subsequent interviews, are also supported by the case studies.

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Item Type: Conference Paper
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Keywords: Australia; culture; commitment; organisational structure; public sector; CRC for Construction Innovation; Program A : Business and Industry Development; Project 2002-022-A : Value in Project Delivery Systems: Facilitating a Change in Culture
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