Pineapple fields, Lanai, Hawaii 1979

Childs, Iraphne R. (1979) Pineapple fields, Lanai, Hawaii 1979. [Image]

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Aerial view of pineapple plantation on the island of Lanai. The Dole pineapple company purchased Lanai island in 1922, cleared the native vegetation and planted the largest pineapple plantation in the world. Producing 75% of the world's canned pineapple with immigrant labourers from China, Philippines, Korea and Japan, Lanai became known as the "Pineapple Isle". Dole merged with Castle & Cooke Co. which now owns 97% of Lanai. In the early 1990s declining plantation profits and increasing tourism, forced the closure of the pineapple plantation. Lanai only supplies pineapples for the local market now and has 2 luxury hotels.

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