Geothermal power plant, Puna, Hawaii 1982

Childs, Iraphne R. (1982) Geothermal power plant, Puna, Hawaii 1982. [Image]

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Hawaii's first experimental geothermal power plant of 3 Megawatts went online in Puna in July 1981. This image, taken in 1982, shows this first geothermal energy venture, utilising the heat from volcanic activity of nearby Kilauea volcano. The original plant was never intended as a commercial operation and production ceased in 1989. A new geothermal power venture in Puna went online in 1993 and now delivers 25-30 MW of renewable energy on a continuous basis. Despite being restricted to the Big Island of Hawaii, geothermal produces about 31 percent of Hawaii’s renewable energy resources statewide.

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