Priests, Ebara Shrine, *Kappa matsuri,* Japan 1973

Childs, Iraphne R. (1973) Priests, Ebara Shrine, *Kappa matsuri,* Japan 1973. [Image]

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Ebara Jinja (shrine) in Shinagawa, Tokyo, is the proud possessor of a mask said to be 1000 years old, found floating in Tokyo Bay off Shinagawa long ago by a fisherman who thought it was the face of a god. He took it to the local shrine where it has been ever since. Once a year the mask is taken out into Tokyo Bay as a symbolic gesture to the god it is supposed to represent. This is part of the Kappa matsuri (water goblin festival) held annually in May. This image shows shrine priests waiting to bless the mask before it is carried out in a boat onto the bay.

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